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It can’t even be identified with certainty through the bodily senses.

Like love, holiness is hard to define accurately, and hence the reluctance to talk about it at all. Being a teaching order, the Dominicans were well disposed to lead the Catholic community in the university neighborhood of Morningside Heights.

The robot, aptly named Bless U-2, provides blessings in five languages and recite biblical verses, according to the Guardian’s report.

It isn’t being implemented as a replacement for priests yet, but in the very town where Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation 400 years ago, his mechanical successor is meant to provoke discussion about whether machines have a place within the clergy.

By 1848 some Jesuit priests - banished from most of Europe - had arrived in the district known as Sevenhill, to join and support the English, Irish, Polish, German and Silesian settlers.

These settlers were predominantly farmers who (among other supplies) brought in grapevines, and commenced setting up the vineyards - the ancestors of the famous vineyards in this prestigious wine region of today.

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But now there is proof of the spider’s web spun around the seminarian, then the priest, then the bishop, then the cardinal, and then the pope, thanks to documents found among the 90 kilometers of papers in the Polish Institute of National Memory.

A PIONEERING TIME The year is 1836 and in London the English Parliament proclaims South Australia a Sovereign State of Australia.

A free state is established and on hearing the news, Pastor Kavel in Hamburg journeyed to London in the same year to seek assistance in the movement of emigrants out of the territories under Prussian domination.

Priests from the Polish province of the Dominican order arrived in upper Manhattan in the late summer of 2003.

In their consecrated hands, the Church of Notre Dame and the Catholic ministry at Columbia grew in holiness, a concept that must annoy diehard empiricists, because holiness can’t be quantified.