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TIP: It is recommended that you finish the King's Gate portal (under the Drangleic Castle) as it has the fewest enemies.

This way you will use the least magic, items and estus flasks before facing the boss.

Once they jump at you, hit the B button without moving the analog stick to perform a vertical slash that will hit them in the air as well.

As long as you time it well, you can defeat them incredibly easily.

1LAS VEGAS, NV 89120UNTelephone: 17026821377Email: BERNARD DUNNINGCOLDCOFFEE. There are two things we’ll need to complete this next section, however: Saria’s Song and the Hylian Shield.The latter can be bought from the Hyrule Town Market for 80 Rupees (drops down to 60 after you’ve talked to the guard at the base of Death Mountain), however, you can get one for free in the Kakariko Graveyard (refer to the previous chapter).The northern path leads to a single trainer, and the southern path lead to two trainers who will challenge you to a Double Battle.The Ancient Cavern is an area reached from the whirlpool near Otto Godblessed's house, which was released on 3 July 2007.The mask is part of a side quest that I’ll cover in a later chapter. ~ Death Mountain Trail ~ This area has several Red Tektites, a jumping foe that come after you if you get too close.