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It is a relationship site based on a unique compatibility test which assesses the way each member is likely to behave in a relationship and assesses personality, aspirations, interests and lifestyle.
The event starts with the women spending time together to anchor in their body & heart through flowing meditative dance while the men are in a separate space to get clear, engage their spine and connect with their presence.

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The times for conjugal duty prescribed in the Torah are: for men of independence, every day; for laborers, twice a week; for ass-drivers, once a week; for camel-drivers, once in thirty days; for sailors, once in six months. In a world that made sense, this rumor about joyless sex would better adhere to just about anyone other than Jews. Interestingly enough, a 1995 article in the Jerusalem Post said about modesty practices in other cultures, “[I]n Catholic Mexico of yore with the use of modesty bed sheets with carefully stitched and positioned holes in them.” Looks like its writer confused a scene from the 1992 film Like Water For Chocolate with reality.(See the Sightings section at the end of this page for more about that film.) One guess as to the origin of the slit sheet belief postulates it as a joking reference to ultra-Orthodox weddings, where men and women are said to attend separate receptions by way of dividing the hall with a curtain.By requesting this service you receive: an extra copy of your wedding certificate, the apostille seal, and translation into English, and Fed Ex delivery to your home address, usually 90 business days after the ceremony (around 4 months after the wedding has been celebrated).*** Please note the Fed Ex Delivery Service offered by Weddings by Lomas Travel does not include the taxes that Customs in your country may charge you for. *** Requirements: Although passports are not required for US and Canadian citizens to entry Mexico, they are mandatory for a legal wedding to be performed.

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This is usually done by registering their marriage certificate at their local City Hall.

Translation of the Wedding Certificate has a cost of USD 0.00 and will include an additional copy of the Wedding Certificate, Translation by an Official translator and Fed Ex shipping.