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Scenario: Microsoft Outlook offers a complex mechanism for programming Outlook add-ins.Although the vast add-in majority is designed to help you improve your Outlook experience, sometimes 3rd party Outlook add-ins can cause Outlook crashes or they can simply conflict with each-other.

See the documentation of that program on how to disable it.

As a result, it's stability also relays on 3rd party software (programs or drivers) - a badly designed piece of software can easily cause Outlook to require more and more system resources, until it crashes or it stops responding properly. If the restart doesn't solve anything, try to close 3rd party programs that run at the same time with Outlook, maybe one of those programs is causing Outlook to require more resources.

If the situation doesn't change, see below for more potential causes/solutions.

Scenario: Microsoft Outlook is probably the most complex email client software for Windows.

Not only that it offers so many features, but it is also designed as a connectivity tool with other software or hardware products.